ZSJZHB Silicone Peeling Garlic, Large Peeler, Garlic Peeler, Silicone Garlic Peeler, Garlic Peeling Tube Kitchen Tool, Unique Design

Product Description

High-quality materials: Made of food grade silicone rubber, certified by SGS, safe and non-toxic, not easy to fade, light and easy to use in the kitchen.

Save time: just put the garlic cloves in a silicone peeler and roll on a flat surface. The barker can do all the work in seconds, saving preparation time.

Unique design: There are many small round protrusions on the peeling machine. They are more likely to increase the friction than the first generation design. It is also more convenient to peel the garlic. It has a hole design and is convenient for hanging.

Easy to use: just put a few pieces of garlic in the tube, then hand rub and roll back and forth, use the vibrating skin to easily clean, enter the trash can from the tube, and rinse with water after use.

Keep your hands clean: For anyone who cooks with fresh garlic, the necessary kitchen gadgets can save a lot of time to peel the garlic cloves and bring convenience to you in your daily life.

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