Product features

  •  INSTANT COFFEE FLAVORS – RICH AROMAS: Do not compromise on your coffee flavors and aromas. Order the Wuling organic Juncao Reishi instant coffee pack today and cherish what real coffee tastes like. Nothing but the best enters your cups!
  •  PACKED WITH THE FINEST EXTRACTS: Unlike other ordinary basswood and wild Reishi ground coffee blends, the Juncao Reishi instant coffee is fortified with the finest extracts and micronutrients. Rich in amino acids, calcium, vitamins, fatty acids & more.
  •  AMELIORATE YOUR COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS: No more feeling sluggish all the time. No more feeling jittery after so many cups of coffee. Introducing the ultimate Juncao Reishi instant black coffee. Feel better about yourself, improve your quality of life, jumpstart your day in happiness, boost better brain functions and enhance your memory.
  •  100% ORGANIC – 100% RELIABLE: Each Wuling organic Juncao Reishi instant coffee pack comes with 15 sachets. Enjoy your morning coffee the way you should. Our gourmet black coffee is 100% organic, non GMO, vegan and suitable for paleo diet.
  •  ENJOY DELICIOUS BEVERAGES ON THE GO: Reap the endless benefits of Reishi mushroom in a single cup of coffee. With a Wuling Juncao Reishi coffee in your hands. Prepare hot or cold beverages, add in food or desserts, in herbal drinks, tea and others

Product Description


Improve Your Overall Health & Wellness With A Wuling Cup Of Juncao Reishi Coffee!

If you are opting for …

… gourmet quality.

… robust tastes.

… rich aromas.

… instant flavors.

… endless health benefits.

every time you pick your ground coffee, then today is your lucky day. Wuling proudly presents the most delicious, organically produced and health supportive coffee. The Juncao Reishi instant black coffee.

Enjoy it anyhow you want for maximum drinking pleasure. Add coffee, sugar, honey, cream, herbs or ice. Anything is possible when coffee tastes so great!

Excellent Juncao Reishi Coffee Brought To You In A 15 Sachet Pack!

Now there is no need to spend a small fortune to taste delicious coffee. There is no need to leave your house either. All you need is the Wuling Juncao Reishi instant coffee and a mug.

Our ground coffee contains NO additives, sweeteners, toxins, added chemicals, preservatives and sugar. It is 100% organic and eco friendly.

The Juncao Reishi contains more active ingredients than all the other coffee beverages on the market. It is actually 17.5% higher in polysaccharide, 92% higher in crude fat, 65.2% and 137% higher in vitamin B1 and B2 respectively, 33% higher in fatty acids, 69.93% and 76.82% higher in calcium and phosphorus respectively.

Enjoy at home, office, on the go, beach, during sports, while traveling, commuting to work, camping, road tripping and more.

Positively Influence Your …

· … body’s natural defenses.

· … circulatory functions.

· … brain, memory and focus levels.

· … immune system.

· … metabolic rate.

· … whole life.

With a Wuling Juncao Reishi Cup Of Coffee!

What are you waiting for?

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