Product features

  • Features: Wise Bird Vintage Folding Hand Fan is strong and durable for daily use. Perfect for summer occasions, garden parties, outdoor weddings for bride and bridesmaid, cloth decorating, home wall decoration, cosplay, dancing etc. Suitable for keeping you cool in hot weather. Just take this fancy Chinese/Japanese women pocket hand fan along with you and enjoy the breeze created by it. Great for holidays as elegant gifts for all women, girls, ladies and your friends, lover and family.
  • Quality: Beautiful hand-crafted Chinese Japanese hand held folding fan with sturdy first-class bamboo spins and high quality traditonal silk fabrics.
  • Dimensions: Closed Length: 8.25" (approx 21cm)
  • Closed Width:1" ( approx 2cm~2.5cm)
  • Unfold Width: 15" (approx 38cm)
  • Accessories: Wise Bird women hand fan comes with unique delicate tassel pendant and hand made silk pouches
  • Notics: Each wooden hand fan is handmade and thus may look slightly different from photo.

Product Description

About the Design
This simple yet elegant bamboo hand painting design fan is strong and durable for daily use, and can also make a beautiful home accent when displayed. It is made from semi-transparent silk and handle. When folded it’s compact and portable, and easily tucks away in a purse or bag.

About the Hand Fan
The folding hand fan is recognized as being invented in Japan or China with both countries holding legends of its creation. In Japan the fan is thought to be modeled after the folding wings of a bat, while the Chinese believe the sight of a woman fanning her face mask at a festival led to the tool’s creation. The device was taken to Europe in the 1500s by way of trade routes and became an exotic and stylish symbol of wealth and class. Silk fans made out of very delicate transparent silk on well polished bamboo. These fans have Asian designs of flowers, birds, and plants.

Great Ideas about Hand Fan
Sweet, elegant gifts to all women
Protection against rain
For theater or dance programs
Creat breeze in hot weather
Match traditional Asian themed costume/cosplay outfits
Make wedding or party memorable by keeping guests cool of immediate use
Stylish business gifts
Interior decoration for house, hotel or restaurant

Hand made silk pouches in protecting or wrapping the fan.
Elegant tassel.

Other Notes
As with all handcrafted work, Each fan is handmade of silk and bamboo and may look slightly different from photo.

8.25″ x 15″ when open
8.25″ long when folded
Handmade in China. Product is made by skilled fan workers. Child Labor Free.

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