Product features

  • BEST CORK / BEST SIZE: Natural Winery Grade, New Wine Corks. Crafted in Portugal, by the best Portuguese cork / stopper experts. Not Chinese imitations or used cork. Crafted to perfection, #9 diameter cork is 1-3/4" long by 15/16" wide (44mm x 23.5mm) – the optimal size for ALL standard cork bottles - a perfect seal, every time. Don't settle for #7 or #8 diameter corks which tend to seal poorly & leak after bottling. Our non-synthetic cork guarantees you the very best and perfect quality.
  • MULTI-USE / TOP INDUSTRY SUPPLIER: Wine making, home brewing, crafts, decor, & DIY projects are limitless - uniformly sized for any decoration possibility. Wineries trust & stand by our #9 diameter by 1-3/4” length wine corks for bottling, which outperforms the cheaper, smaller, & riskier #8 & #7 diameter by 1-1/2” short corks. Our Corks seal every bottle, every time. Wineries trust our product & you can too. We only sell the best quality cork - So that you can have the very best wine.
  • NATURAL, DEPENDABLE, & SAFE: Quality wine cork comes from Portugal. Inferior corks, known as ”Virgin Cork” comes from underdeveloped trees which is common in Chinese imported cork. This results in an inferior cork that breaks & crumbles. Synthetic corks are non-porous & do not allow wine to mature naturally, thus compromising the critical aging process to all wines. Moreover, the plastic nature of synthetics renders them harmful to the environment and are not a sustainable resource.
  • BULK VALUE: Manufactured in high volume, to save you money, we cut out the middle man so you can buy like the wineries do. Dollar for dollar, our corks outperform the competition in quality, value, and materials. We negotiate directly with old-world, Portuguese suppliers and bring our wine corks directly to you just like the wineries. No Chinese Imports and no cut corners - Only the VERY BEST agglomerated. Never recycled and never used cork.
  • 100% SATISFACTION, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We guarantee your 100% COMPLETE SATISFACTION or your money back. We are confident that you will absolutely love our wine corks just like many wineries have for decades. However, if you are at all dissatisfied, let us know and we can give you a full refund.

Product Description

NEW WINERY GRADE | Natural Agglomerated Wine Cork, Bottle Grade | Ready to Cork | Premium Quality | #9 Sized Ensures Greatest and Most Superior of Cork Seal Sizes at 1-¾” x 15/16″ (44mm x 23.5mm), ideal for Short or Long Term Storage for greatest and most superior of cork seal sizes | Perfect for Homebrew, Homemade Wine, Micro Brewery | Fits most standard 750ml or 1 Liter Wine Bottles. HIGHEST QUALITY: Guaranteed factory fresh and stored in climate-controlled environments. This ensures your cork will seat, seal, and pull when ready. Beware of substandard cork from questionable sellers and sources – if they are not stored in the proper temperatures with monitored climate levels, your corks can crunch or crush upon corking install or worse yet, break when being pulled. A quality cork, makes or breaks the wine. PREMIUM VALUE & QUALITY | Same quality control and manufacturing standards as the large wineries. Yet, dollar for dollar, piece for piece, you get the best value with our wine corks that our world-famous wineries receive – they’re perfect everywhere it counts, just on a smaller scale in these 100 or 30 count bags. WINERY GRADE: Produced by a renowned Portuguese factory for large scale world famous wineries. The same quality, materials, and attention to detail is brought directly to you in each and every finely crafted cork for your corking / winery needs. DIRECT HARVEST FROM PORTUGAL: 100% of our wine corks are harvested directly from Portugal and NEVER come from China! All corks come from Portuguese craftsman, who’ve mastered the art of crafting the finest wine corks for decades. Beware of wanna-be Asian imported wine cork, which is often granulated “virgin-cork” aka, “first-harvest” cork that’s brittle, breakable, poor quality, & unworthy for wine corking. Our Natural Agglomerated Wine Corks come from seasoned Portuguese Cork Oak forests ONLY. CREATIVE & CRAFT PROJECTS: Even suitable for wine cork crafts. Perfect & Uniform!

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