Wgch 100Pcs Perforated Parchment Round Bamboo Steamer Paper Liners Disposable Suitable for Cooking Steaming Basket Air Fryer Dim Sum

Product Description

Non-stick - Prevent your breads, buns, dumplings & dim sum from sticking to steamer basket or pan.

Healthy and delicious - non-toxic, non-sticky, strong. Made of 100% food grade pulp. No fluorescent and environmentally friendly wax. Keep the integrity and beautiful appearance of bread, dumplings, bread, snacks and the taste of food No effect. Cook protection!

Heat resistance - Waterproof, grease resistant and heat resistant up to 450 Fahrenheit (230 degreeC) keep your parchment lining in perfect thickness during cooking.

These bamboo steamer liners are anti-sticky which keep your steamer from food residue and make cleanup a breeze.

Rich prefabricated holes - Air fryer liners are specifically designed for use in air fryers. All holes are combined with the way the air fryer works. Sufficient and proper holes help to speed up steam in air fryers or steamers Loop, bring you delicious!

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