Product features

  • CLEAR AND READABLE | Printed in English and in Spanish, these stickers use large, bold contrast lettering so the message stands out.
  • COLOR CODED | Each sticker is a different color, so you can develop a whole system of color for your dishwashing stations: red for wash, blue for rinse, and green for sanitize.
  • STRONG ADHESIVE | These stickers are designed with the idea that they'll be on a wall or tile backsplash a few feet above steamy water. They are ready for the demands of your commercial kitchen.
  • HELPS YOU SERVE SAFE FOOD | A clean kitchen keeps your customers safe and your reputation intact. These labels make good hygiene practices second-nature for your staff.
  • FOOLPROOF INSTALLATION | Unlike an earlier version of this product, these stickers, if installed upside down, will not unwittingly form the code words to the secret doomsday lab behind your walk-in freezer. In retrospect, revealing those was a pretty major design flaw. We appreciate those eagle-eyed customers who alerted us to the problem via thoughtful, if somewhat urgent, feedback.

Product Description

Wash, Rinse, Sanitize: the healthy trinity of serving safe food on clean dishware and utensils. This handy three-pack of kitchen stickers helps you label your dishwashing stations clearly. All staff will understand what goes where, so that dirty dishes get the care and sanitation they need at each step.

You’ve worked hard to establish your reputation. Protect that reputation by maintaining a clean, orderly, and health-code-compliant kitchen.

Each pack contains all three stickers.

Authentic Sutter Signs Products are sold exclusively by Maxton & Company

Printed and designed in the USA.

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