Product features

  • PLENTY OF SPACE: With space to store up to 12 pairs of kids and adult shoes, the ZizHome kids shoe organizer is the ideal solution for keeping all your child’s shoes well arranged and in one place at all times.
  • EASILY FOLDS UP: Don’t have any shoes to store? Simply fold this great organizer for shoes and put it wherever you please.
  • NO MORE DUST: If you’re sick of having to dust off your shoes every time they come out of storage, then you need the super doper shoe organizer under your bed. It features a zippered cover that keeps your shoes in pristine condition no matter how long you store them.
  • ROOM SPACE SAVER: Put it under the bed, in the closet, or in virtually any small space available in the room and keep your shoes perfectly organized, perfectly stored, and safe from dust. Even with limited space, the under bed shoe organizer will give you the extra space you need.
  • EASY TO HANDLE: The simple shoe organizer comes with handles on the sides to allow you to pull it out from under the bed easily. We also give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Click “Add to Cart” Now!

Product Description


Tired of seeing a bunch of shoes all over your room? Aside from the mess they create, some shoes exposed to dirt are tougher to clean. Instead of putting them on right away, you’ll have to spend a few minutes polishing or scrubbing them. If you’re not thrilled about the mess or the cleanup time, then this compact shoe organizer is your best bet. Neatly arrange your shoes in one spot to keep them fresh, clean, and ready to wear anytime! You’ll love to see how your old shoes can stay brand new-looking for years.

Space Saving
Not enough floor space to get yourself a shoe rack or cabinet? No worries – this shoe organizer under bed is sleek and compact for cramped spaces. Just slip it under the bed and pull it out to grab your favorite pair of shoes. It’s that simple! What’s more, it’s made of a breathable material to prevent mold and moisture buildup on your shoes. Fit as much as 12 pairs in this zippered shoe organizer that’s hassle-free to assemble.

Here are the other features of this adults and kids shoe organizer:
– Cheap shoe organizer with a zippered closure on the front for easy access.

– Comes with 12 slots to fit 12 pairs of shoes (depends on the size).
– Made of durable and breathable material that lasts a long time.
– Slip it under your bed and pull it out whenever you need to grab a pair.
– Assembly is quick and simple.

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