Vinvoli Wine Aerator - Red Wine Aerator Pourer - Wine Aerator Decanter with Wine Sediment Filter

Product Description

Enriches Wine in No Time - Get a wonderful wine-drinking experience with the Vinvoli Wine Aerator. It softens tannins, smooths the finish of your wine and provides a perfect bouquet of aroma.

Superior Triple-Stage Aeration - With a unique, multi-stage aeration process, this wine aerator decanter expands the wine's flavors and allows the body and character to develop in seconds.

Filters Wine Sediment - Our aeration wine pourer has a removable mesh filter that extracts sediment and assists in the oxidation process. This mesh provides softer tannins within your drink.

Pours Without Drips - The streamlined design of wine aireators pourer prevents any leakage and drips, ensuring you can focus on enjoying your wine, not cleaning it up.

Lifetime Warranty - This red wine aerator pourer comes with an extended lifetime warranty. If you encounter any problems, simply contact us directly. We will fix your problem within 24 hours!

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