Product Description

Mesh Strainers are an essential tool in any busy kitchen; not only can they be used for straining pasta, but they can be used for a variety of tasks such as rinsing grains and beans, and fruits and straining pasta, rice, lentils, lumpy sauces and any other food preparation. This strainer features a sturdy outer framework and handle. The concave net catches food items securely while releasing water, oil and other residue. The smooth, polished steel ring rests evenly atop bowls and pots so that you can multi-task while your food drains and strains, so you can not miss it.

Features: Dishwasher-safe
Convenient hanging hole for storage.
Mesh strainer is perfect for skimming and draining stock and sauces or straining loose vegetables.
The set of 3 strainers is very convenient to choose for your kitchen and is perfect for sifting and straining wet or dry ingredients.

Size 1: 20cm/7.9 Inch Dia, 5.5cm/2.2 Inch deep, 21cm/8.3 Inch handle, total length: 41cm/16 Inch;
Size 2: 16cm/6 Inch Dia, 4.5cm/1.8 Inch deep, 20cm/7.9 Inch handle, total length: 36cm/14 Inch
Size 3: 14cm/5.5 Inch Dia, 3.5cm/1.4 Inch deep, 20.5cm/8.1 Inch handle, total length: 34.5/13.5 Inch.

Please allow 1cm error due to manual measurement

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