Product features

  • BETTER THAN BEER CAN CHICKEN. Self-bastes into the breast rather than draining moisture from the breast, allows for even heat distribution.
  • THE PERFECT ANGLE. Yields juicy meat, crispy skin, even heat distribution, every piece of the chicken is perfectly cooked.
  • FOR OVEN OR GRILL. Use this better-than vertical roaster on your outdoor BBQ or smoker OR in your traditional indoor oven.
  • TOP QUALITY, FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL. This is not the stuff you mess with in your metal shop. Oven safe, grill safe and dishwasher safe. Easy to clean…and way cooler than your basic roasting pan. Made in the USA!
  • IDEAL HEAT AND AIR FLOW. Suspension allows air to flow freely and allows heat to penetrate the chicken at all angles. This yields mouth-watering, flavorful, crackling-crisp, golden brown skin. You’ll never do it the old-fashioned way again.

Product Description

Meet your new favorite kitchen hack, your go-to Sunday dinner favorite and the very BEST way to roast or BBQ a chicken!

The Chicken Hook was designed by Franky O’Dea, a Washington D.C.-based culinary mastermind who has trained with top Michelin-rated chefs, worked at several embassies, as well as at a national executive residence. Franky believes that there is a very BEST way to cook everything, and he believes that inverted suspension cooking is the very best way to roast a chicken.

Many of us crave that restaurant rotisserie taste. Grocery store pre-cooked birds just don’t cut it. And Beer Can Chicken? Vertical roasters in general cook the bird in such a way that the juices actually drain out of the breasts. And let’s talk beer cans. While cooking a chicken over PAINTED metal (potential toxicity) – the beer can actually serves as a cooler for the chicken, which prevents internal temperatures from reaching a safe level (without completely drying out the meat).

The Chicken Hook has revolutionized the traditional chicken dinner and is SO much easier than your typical stainless steel roasting pan. Better than any other BBQ chicken stand. Better than any chicken grill rack. Better than rotisserie. Better than beer can chicken. Air and heat move freely around the bird, yielding crackling crisp skin. The juices run down, self-basting the breasts. No more dry white meat while waiting for the tricky legs to cook. With the legs up top, they cook first, leaving the breast meat perfectly moist.

Use in the oven OR on the grill. Use with a marinade injector. It will be your new favorite kitchen gadget AND your new favorite BBQ accessory. GREAT gift for the Dad who has everything. GREAT gift for the mom who loves EASY cooking. Great gift for ANY at-home chef.

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