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Product features

  • ✅STOP GIMMICKS ✅- Use refined science to bring your granite care to a completely different level. Have you wondered why daily cleaners claim to CLEAN and PROTECT, but require a separate sealer or polish? Most old-science cleaners claim to “protect” the same way that wiping a spill is also “protecting.” With ioSeal technology, we dig deep to protect your surface at the molecular level. Now with our ultra-fine mist sprayer you can clean, polish, and protect with 1,481 sprays per bottle.
  • ✅IOSEAL ADVANTAGE ✅- No more false "protection." ioSeal ionically bonds to your surface, shielding with every use. As a protective screen, it helps resist incoming stains, making water spots, mineral deposits, and more easier to clean in the future. The barrier fends off damage from UV-fading, while making colors more vibrant. Though it does not replace penetrating sealers, it gives an extra layer of protection, without foul-smelling, dangerous chemicals that penetrating sealers include.
  • ✅STREAK-FREE SHINE, EVERY TIME ✅- When buying a granite cleaner and polish, it's difficult to find a streakless product without cloudy smudges. This is because many low-quality cleaning agents, including soap and water, leave residue. This is more evident on polished black granite and Uba Tuba, where dark colors show everything. Our sophisticated formula uses ioSeal's wax-free properties to fight grime and prevent build-up, working efficiently with no greasy residue. Simply spray and wipe.
  • 🚫WHAT NOT TO EXPECT 🚫- Although powerful enough to remove black sharpie from the surface of polished granite, it has chemical limitations. No cleaner can remove every type of mess, no polish can reverse dull or etched surfaces. In order to be safe for engineered stones (quartz countertops) or calcareous stones (marble, travertine, limestone, etc), our cleaner must be pH-neutral. This makes it chemically unable to remove or reverse hard water spots, mineral deposits, or etching.
  • ✅Value 3 PACK ✅- More value when you purchase Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz & Marble Treatment as a 3 pack, without the All-In-One Bonus Pack box used for packaging
  • Get (3) 8 fl oz labeled bottles of Supreme Surface Granite Quartz & Marble Treatment and (3) 16”x16” microfiber towels
  • Colors of micro fiber towels are randomly selected: Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange
  • clean, shine, and protect with more with our value pack.

Product Description

Add value to your purchase with an Eco-Friendly 3 pack of Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz and Marble Treatment with ioSeal. A simple to use “All-in-One” stone care product formulated to clean, shine and protect! With each treatment, ioSeal progressively seals and self-levels, creating an additional level of protection while making the surface smoother and more reflective. *Eco-Friendly variations ship without the Bonus Pack box that’s used for retail store packaging purposes only.

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