Simulinen Dinner Napkins - Decorative Napkins - Cloth Like & Disposable White with Pocket- Elegant & Durable - Soft & Absorbent - Large 17'x17' - Packaged for Easy Storage - Box of 75

Product Description

DISCREET POCKET: SimuLinen's Premium napkins come with a specially designed "pocket" offering the option of putting utensils inside; however the pocket is discreet enough that you won't notice it if you choose not to use it.

DURABLE and ABSORBENT: It's hard to find a durable, high quality napkin that's thick enough to be sufficient for every meal. SimuLinen's Signature Dinner Napkins are THICK, DURABLE and ABSORBENT and your guests will surely wonder where you got them.

SOFT and DISPOSABLE: Made from the softest and best DISPOSABLE material available on the market today. All of our products are much more eco-friendly than re-washing cloth-linen napkins.

LINT-FREE: Don't you hate wearing nice clothes and putting your napkin on your lap, only to realize later that your nice clothes have napkin lint all over them? SimuLinen's napkins are lint-free!

SIZE: SimuLinen's Premium 17"x17" napkins are large and thick enough that your guests should only need one napkin, no matter the occasion or what you're serving. (The folded size is 4.25” x 8.5")

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