Product features

  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Our Peat Pots are made from all natural and 100% biodegradable peat. NatraPots plant trays were designed to break down over time helping to prevent harmful waste to our environment but allowing your seeds to fully germinate.
  • PREVENT TRANSPLANT SHOCK - By allowing the roots to grow directly into the pots themselves, our nursery pots help prevent plant shock caused by transplantation giving your seeds stronger, healthier roots.
  • IDEAL FOR SAPLINGS AND STARTERS - We designed our pots to be the perfect size and structure for plant germination allowing for proper aeration. making NatraPots the perfect plant tray for any flower, fruit, or vegetable!
  • DURABILITY - We designed our seed starter pots with our customer's concerns in mind! Our pots are resilient enough to hold together when watering your seeds yet the peat fibers are specially woven to allow seeds to properly germinate.
  • REUSABLE PLASTIC MARKERS - Each pack includes 12 reusable plastic markers so you can easily label each individual peat pellet. Simply use any standard dry erase marker to label them and easily wash with soap and water.

Product Description

From vegetables to flowers, this 60 cell Seed Starter Kit with 12 plastic markers by NatraPots is the perfect way to start any garden or flower bed. 

How to properly use:

  • Fill each pot with any seed of your choice
  • Fill the strips with potting soil and thoroughly water
  • If desired, mark and label each pot with the provided plastic tabs
  • Place the tray in a bright place to ensure it gets plenty of sunlight
  • Water periodically but DO NOT over saturate
  • As seedlings start to germinate, place the pots directly into the ground and cover with soil


  • Each package comes with 5 seed starter trays
  • Each tray is 6.25in x 4.75in x 2in (each individual cell is 1.5in x 1.5in x 2in)
  • 12 durable plastic markers designed to be reused

Key Benefits:

NO MORE TRANSPLANT SHOCK OR ROOT CIRCULATION! Because NatraPots uses all natural and 100% biodegradable peat, our pots are designed to break down in the soil. This practically eliminates transplant shock which is one of the leading causes for saplings to die off before fully grown. 

NOTE: Our pots are made from 100% natural and biodegradable peat. They are designed to break down over time so to ensure your pots last until the seeds start to germinate, water with caution. Using a simple spray bottle is suggested while watering.

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