Salbree Silicone Oven Mitts Gloves for Instant Pot Accessories Fits All Electric Pressure Cookers 3, 6 & 8 Instapot Quart Models, Holds and Removes Safe Inner Insta Pots (2 Mitts per Pack, Green)

Product Description

Designed Specifically for Pressure Cookers - Have you put on a pair of oven pan mittens and they didn't fit well or felt very awkward? It's because one-size does not fit all. Our kitchen mitt was designed to fit onto the inner pot of any pressure cooker, including the Instapots. Because they fit on the inner liner, your hands have more mobility making them much more comfortable. They will become one of your favorite Ninja Foodi accessories. They are not Ninja Foodi mitts, but better.

Heat Resistance Protection Where Needed - Once the silicone inner pot holder pads have been placed, the inner pot can be safely removed. The inside cup offers protection from rising steam from the inside of you pressure cooker. The thick silicone will offer temporary protection from the heat of the Insta Pot liners. The inner pot may be extremely hot, so please take extreme caution when removing.

Special Grips Where Needed- Your inner pot holders come with special lined grips not only on the outside of your mitts, but also on the inside of your mitts. This is so that you get a solid handle on the inner pot that you are removing. The inner pot may be extremely hot, so please take extreme caution when removing.

Product Versatility- Your new, heat resistant, Instantpot silicon glove aren't just for pressure cookers, they are also great for removing heated plates from the microwave, trivets, dishes, 3qt, 6qt, & 8qt steamer basket, cast iron, egg bite molds, stove pan handles, glass lids, skillets, oven bake pans, springform pans and much, much more, making these potholders one of the best cool gadgets of the year.

Space-Saving Design - Why only keep around the large, cotton lined mitts? Our mini mitts take up a fraction of the space than traditional oven mitts and can still be used for most small appliances. And don't worry, they are dishwasher safe too.

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