Product features

  • Easy to use - Make sure the surface you mount your hooks to IS SMOOTH. Peel off the cover, put the self adhesive wall hooks on smooth surface, wait for 12 hours to hang will make it more stable and reliable.(Please note:Now there are some other sellers to sell our product,but it is false,please noticed the YOUVOGUE STORE,Thanks)
  • 180° Rotation & Clear Design - You could hanging things on the ceiling! Unique transparent design makes it almost invisible, which is quite suitable for nice home decoration.
  • Amazing Quality - stainless steel + PVC material.Super waterproof and oilproof, ensuring quality and longevity. more sturdy than plastic hooks.and Small and light design, multifunctional
  • Seamless and Reusable - It will leave no trace and damages to the wall or ceiling surfaces when repositoning the removal wall hooks . If the reusable wall hook's dirty, just wash it and dry it naturally or with a hair dryer before reusing it.
  • Suitable for home all kinds of Scenes - Great for hanging shower and bath accessories in a bathroom or kitchen utensils and tools on a tile backsplash. -Works on a variety of surfaces, like wood, tile, Ceramic ,Metal Surface and more (Please pay attention that there are limits on painted walls, It may damage the wall if the painted wall adhesion is poor.)

Product Description

YouVogue 8PCS Heavy Duty Magic Adhesive Wall Hooks 22lb/10kg,Removable Waterproof Reusable Transparent Hooks for Kitchen, Bathroom ,Diningroom
Wide applications on hard flat surfaces like Board / Glass / Frosted Glass / Glass Grid / Ceramic / Metal Surface / Non-paint walls / tile /marble /wood, metal / paper wall,etc.

How to use the self adhesive waterproof wall hooks
1.Clean the surface from oil/dust/water. Do keep it dry before put the hook on.
2. Peel off the protective film, and do not touch the adhesive surface by hand.
3. Press the base of the hook to from middle to edge to keep it steady.
4. Test with your hand to see whether it is stable enough. It’s better to hang heavy things several hours later.

How to reuse the reusable oilproof wall hooks
1.Press and hold the prominent position of the basic to remove the hook slowly. No Traces will left.
2. For repeated uses, wash the adhesive surface by water if it is dirty (but do not touch it by hand).
3. Dry it naturally, or using the cold wind of a hair dryer.
4.Do the same operation steps like the above .

Can be used as – Clothes hook / Hat hook/ Purse hooks / Cargo hook / Keys hook/ Curtain hook/backpack hooks etc
What do the sticky magic hooks hang:
To hang kitchen utensils
To hang bathroom wares
To hang hats, coats, bags, guitars, etc.
To hang things from ceilings

Warm tips when you use the utility mount wall hooks
1. Please clean the adhesive surface with water if it has dust covered before reposition the hook
2. Do not use more than 80 degrees of high temperature .
3. Do not hang overweight items on the fragile wall
4. If the hook with sticky dirt is not good, please clean and dry after the original viscosity can be restored
5.If you have any questions, please contact us any time!

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