Product features

  • DIMMABLE AND REMOTE CONTROLLED 33ft String Lights - The Fairy Light Lights are switched on and off by a new generation of smart remote control that has 24 Keys for multiple combinations of dimming, flash or/and blinking. The kit is equipped with an IR sensor that enables you to control the brightness, temperature and different effects of the mini lights of your string of led wire lights from anywhere in the room.
  • ELECTRICAL with y a DUAL Ac/Dc WHITE Power Adapter 120/240v for USA and Europe. The string lights are 33 Ft long with 100 mini leds. The WHITE COLOR Adapter make aesthetically pleasant the look of the wires and adds another extra 3.9 feet to the 33ft led copper wire. These string lights look nicer than the usual ones with black plugs.
  • ENERGY SAVER: The string lights' led lights are the most energy efficient lights in the market. The initial investment on the led string lights pays for itself, as they save a 75% of energy and last 25 times longer, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • FOR INDOOR USE. Our led string lights can be used outdoors as the copper wire and the LEDs rice bulbs are water-resistant, provided that the all connections are isolated with waterproof tape. We can provide instructions for garden installation of any led string light by email. EASY TO UNTANGLE - The lights come threaded on a coil to prevent them from tangling.
  • TRENDY: Our light fairy copper strand led lights are the new craze that most chic cafes and restaurants are using on their decorative lighting. Our fairy lights will change your surrounding world, tune up your spirit, and create a romantic lighting atmosphere. A string light emits a festive happiness at any party, patio, porch, deck, yard or wedding.

Product Description

The Qualizzi Fairy Light Lights – Enhance your home, Cafe, Restaurant or Hotel with starry micro LED lights, on strings of copper wire, all year around!

The Qualizzi decorative Fairy Lights will change your surrounding world, will tune up your spirit, and will create a romantic, elegant light atmosphere wherever they are placed.

They emit a festive happiness and a special glow to all your surrounding, perfect for holiday lighting. And Christmas is that time of the year where you cannot get through without them.

  1. The kit is provided with a new generation of smart remote control dimmer for a more comfortable and fun use.
  2. Mostly used as lights for bedroom, to adorn the trees on your garden garden, make a birthday party look awesome, a baby shower, they are a must on a wedding, etc A beautiful set of starry lights to decorate one or all of the stances in your home and garden. 
  3. Comes in a fashionable gift box and the led string is wrapped around a coil to prevent it from getting tangled.
  4. WHITE color power adapter and cord to blend with the color of your wall.
  5. 100% Money Back Guarantee
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