Product features

  • ❤ Original Produced by SOSMAR-US✔ Practical Set : Food grade 18/8 stainless steel shakers. ABS dust-proof lid to keep moisture out and stops any powder floating out. 16 pcs stencils meet all your needs and preference. A carabiner to organize the stencils, avoid messing. NOTICE: some sellers sell our items without authorization & sosmar package. The quality cannot be granteed. If your shakers are not from SOMSMAR-US, please contact us, we will report the fake items to Amazon.
  • ❤ Multi-Function : Great little sifter sprinklers for confectioners sugar, cinnamon, cocoa or chocolate on the top of Cappuccino, Macchiato, Latte, Desserts etc. Thin & fine mesh, powder evenly and lightly. Enhance flavor to your coffee, ice cream, crepes and pancakes.
  • ❤ 16 Plastic Art Coffee Templates : Professional art stencils to shape beautiful patterns on latte, cappuccino, oatmeal for kids, cupcake, cake, hot chocolate or any other things you want.
  • ❤ Easy Installation : The screen cover should match the hole in two sides of the bottle, press down then screw on. To remove cover, twist first to relieve tightness then take off the cover. Such threaded design prevents the metal top from falling down when dusting icing sugar or cocoa powder.
  • ❤ Package Includes 2 size chocolate shakers. Big Size 2.7" X 3.5" (Dia. X H) with capacity 8.5 Ounce capacity. Small size: 2.16" X 3.15" (Dia. X H)with capacity 5.1 Ounce capacity.One for cocoa and one for cinnamon powder.The mesh of SOSMAR cocoa shaker have specific procedure which is different from market. Other sellers cannot copy the quality.

Product Description

With the help of SOSMAR powered shaker, your coffee and baking will never be bland. You can use it for cocoa, for icing sugar to sprinkle over cakes, cookies or fruit. A little powdered sugar or chocolate maybe better for your needs than a big container which always seems to make a mess.

Our powder shakers are perfect for home use, either for your chocolate / cocoa for on top of coffee or for flour / icing sugar for baking. The plastic lid fits over the top to keep everything inside from spillage, besides, keep the content fresh and dry.

Fine mesh hole creating a good find spread, powder runs through easily.

16 Coffee decorating stencils give your drinks that professional look. Place the stencil in the centre of your coffee cup and gently dust your topping evenly, until you reach the desired texture.

Supply with a silver clip. The stencils have a hole in the handle, so you can hang them up safely when they are not in use.

A great gift for someone and it is a good addition to a kitchen where coffee or deserts are served

Small Shaker – Ø approx. 5.5 cm, height approx. 8 cm, 150ml capacity
Large Shaker – Ø approx. 6,8 cm, height approx. 9 cm, 250ml capacity
Package Includes:

2 x 304 Coffee Sifters
16 x Coffee Stencils
1 X Silver Clip

Then shaker is smooth without metal burr. However, the edge of bottle mouth and metal cover is a little sharp when you take off cover, please be careful when washing them.
Please allow 1- 2 cm measurement error.
Some sellers sell fake items without the same high quality and authorization If your shakers are not from SOMSMAR-US, please contact us, we will report the fake items to Amazon.
Tips: Different strength of shaking and different powder will make different result. If you find the powder comes out to fast, you can tap the shaker instead of shaking the shaker

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