Porcelain Sugar Bowl with Lid and Spoon Sugar Dispenser Canister Glass Sugar Storage Jar Seasoning Pot Condiment Jar 8 ounce sugar container with spoon

Product Description

CONVENIENT: LET YOUR GUESTS SERVE UP THE CONTENTS AS NEEDED. No more running to the kitchen to get what is always needed the most at the table, sugar, creamer or powder.

VERSATILE: THIS PORCELAIN BOWL, WITH SERVING SPOON, can hold sugar, honey, syrup, grated cheese, soy sauce, sugar substitutes, hot sauce, jam, ketchup, mustard, dips and sauces for vegetables or wings or even power or creams in the bathroom. You can even use it as a bulk spice jar.

DECORATIVE: LEAVE THIS ELEGANT VESSEL ON THE TABLE ALL THE TIME. The beautiful flower designs make it an impressive center piece. Use it as a dispenser of salt or other spice.

SIZE: THE 8 OZ BOWL (3.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall) IS MADE OF QUALITY PORCELAIN THAT WILL STAND UP TO USE AND A LONG LIFE. The bowl comes with an easy to remove and replace lid and a serving spoon.

LID HAS SMALL NOTCHED SPACE TO ACCOMMODATE THE INCLUDED SERVING PORCELAIN SPOON. EASY OPEN ERGONOMIC KNOB ON LID. This spoon stores inside the jar. The spoon has a small hole in the handle so that moister will fall through the handle and not into the contents. The opening in the lid for the spoon is small so it does not leave a large opening for bugs. If your spoon arrives broken,contact Aunt Nanna's Kitchen and we will replace it free of charge. NEW PACKAGING FOR SHIPPING AS OF MAY 1, 2020

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