One 5-Gallon-sized Cold-brew Coffee Brewer/Dispenser including One Restaurant-sized Madesco 'Big Daddy' Reusable Filter w/ Liners

Product Description

DON'T PAY $300/YEAR FOR DISPOSABLE PAPER FILTERS !!! OURS ARE REUSABLE. Unlike others', our highly regarded filters are reusable and are lined to provide a 2-ply "second line of defense" against fine grounds making their way into the brew. Sturdy construction easily withstands the rigors of repeated use.

LIMITED FILTER WIDTH IS KEY! Our filters' width at 12 inches ensures most all the coffee is less than 3 inches from surrounding water. By all means, avoid “pillowcase filters” that fit over the top of a bucket - as they’re simply too wide and coffee grounds deep in the center of such a filter will never get to contribute their flavor to the brew for lack of water-flow and water exposure.

3 FREE BONUS BOOKS AND INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO! - Our packaging provides a link to our Madescolabs homepage where you'll find all three downloadable recipe books, and how-to's and secret tips from the Madesco cold brew pros. Filters are affordable, durable and reusable. Natural cotton blend, no bleaching, no harmful chemicals.Make and dispense large batches of delicious cold brew coffee, different coffees, and extended life.

More affordable than competing restaurant/industrial cold brew coffee systems. Our dispenser/brewer is BPA free, constructed with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) "2" recommended for use in long-term food storage. HDPE is one of the most stable and inert forms of plastic containers sold specifically for food storage..

Unlike other brands, Madesco filters and liners are reusable - no need for subsequent ongoing filter purchases.

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