Product features

  • EXCLUSIVE PROBIOTIC MIRACLE BLEND OF BENEFICIAL BACTERIA: Removes pet urine odor completely. Leaves nothing behind but furry freshness. Most pet odor removers, shampoo, detergents and deodorizers merely cover the stink with fragrance.
  • FOR DOGS LARGE, MEDIUM OR SMALL: Urine smell and pet stain eliminator from all types of pee pads, mats, liners games, puppy toys, scoops, wheels, stroller, carrier, crate, kennel, playpen, houses, habitats, hideouts, tents, hammocks, mattress and beds, all kinds of stuff. Remove nasty stains from carpets, kitchen rugs, furniture, upholstery, and delicate sofa fabrics. Ideal carpet cleaning machine accessories as a stain precleaner, spot cleaning spray, housebreaking puppies, remove scent marking
  • SUSTAINABLE and SAFE: Safe and 100% Non-toxic so you can confidently use it around your kids & pets. Non-hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. Base formula "generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. OdorBiotics contains no harmful chemicals such as “free-floating” chemical enzymes found in disinfectants. It lets nature do the work. Safe to use near your family, small animals, or plant life.
  • EFFECTIVE ODOR ELIMINATOR: Every milliliter contains a blend of 60 to 75 million bacilli, the “good bacteria”. These friendly microbes in huge numbers destroy the source of the odor. Without food, the bad bacteria that causes those annoying pee smells. Use with water-based machines and steam cleaners such as: Hoover, Bissell, Rug Doctor, Kenmore, Carpet Express.
  • WORKS IN SECONDS: Unlike other pet odor cleaners, OdorBiotics gets instant results. Odors disappear right away and stay gone for good. (Re-spray every 3-5 days to head off new smells.)

Product Description

We all love our furry friends, but doggie accidents happen, especially when you’re training and housebreaking puppies. Now, you can empty your closet filled with carpet spot cleaning sprays and cleaners, detergents, fabric & upholstery cleaners, and deodorizers. What can you do? We say: Get to the source! OdorBiotics is a probiotic blend of non-pathogenic bacteria, the “Good Bacteria” , formulated in high concentrations exceeding 60 million spores per milliliter. When introduced to any organic excretions (i.e. pet urine, feces, vomit, sweat, skunk spray, rotting garbage, perspiration, even cigarette smoke), the spores immediately activate to devour this “food” source. This action overwhelms the odor producing “Bad Bacteria” , and with no food source left, it dies off and the odor is gone! You are left with a furry freshness and natural fragrance. Use with all water-based machines and steam cleaners such as: Hoover, Bissell, Rug Doctor, Kenmore, Carpet Express, and more. Ideal machine accessory as a stain pre-cleaner, or spot cleaning when housebreaking to remove scent markings. Use directly to remove urine smells & pet stains from any kind of carpet products, even oriental rugs. *OdorBiotics completely eliminates pet odors – doesn’t merely mask them
Works in seconds, not hours
Keeps working longer than other pet odor and stain remover sprays
Creates a healthier environment for pets
Freshens crates, kennels, strollers & carriers, carpets & upholstery.

Best of All, It’s Safe, and Sustainable

Forget harsh, chemicals & potentially harmful enzymes.

Your OdorBiotics product is Safe for your family, your pets & your planet.

Discover why vets, breeders, and groomers love OdorBiotics. Order your 32 oz spray bottle now and see for yourself a new way to solve an old problem!

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