PP200 PP200SC HA1000 Reddy Desa Ignitor Kerosene Heater by Ministry of Warehouse

Product Description

This is a high quality aftermarket replacement part manufactured by Ministry of Warehouse

Fits Heater Model Nos. Reddy Heater: R35D, R35E, R40, R40T, R55A, R55B, R55BT, R60, R70D, R70ET, R70DT, R110B, R110BT, R110C, R110CT, R115, R115C, R115CT, R115T, R155B, R155C, R165A, R165AT, R165CT, R200A, R200AT, R200B, RC40, RC55T, RC70T, RC115CT, RC115T, RC165CT, RC165T, RH125T, RH170T, RH200T, RHD125T, RHD170T, RHD200T, RL125T, RL170T, RH200T, RM60, RM115, RM115C, RM115CT, RM155, RM155C, RM200AT, and RM200BT.

Master: B50H, B50J, B55, B55BT, B60, B70D, B70DT, B110B, B110BT, B115, B115CT, B115T, B150J, B150JT, B155CT, B155T, B165A, B165AT, B165CT, B200AT, B200BT, BC40, BC55T, BC70T, BC115CT, BC165CT, BC165T, M125T, M170T, and M200T.

Remington: REM35B, REM35C, REM40, REM50C, REM55A, REM55B, REM60, REM110B, REM110BT, REM115, REM115C, REM115T, REM150E, REM155B, REEM155C, REM200AT, REM200BT, RE125T, RE170T, and RE200T AND MANY, MANY MORE

The ignitor element is very brittle. It is well packed for shipping, but please handle with care when unpacking.

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