Large Hand Carved Olive Wood Serving Spoon/Ladle - (12.5 Inches) - Asfour Outlet Trademark

Product Description

Asfour Outlet is renowned for its mastership in making all sorts of kitchen utensils and cookware in the Middle East and Mediterranean areas

Great for serving and stirring or even mixing food. This beautiful olive wood ladle or serving spoon is a must for cooking. Due to the high natural oil content of olive wood and natural treatment of the wood this spoon won't stain or take on any smells or colours from your cooking, use it to stir or serve tomato soup, curry or red wine casserole and it will still look the same for years to come!

Asfour Outlet manufactures these items in its own factories for its own trademarked brands.

Stunning olive wood serving spoon / ladle. Great as a serving spoon or cooking spoon

Handmade from beautiful olive wood, specially designed for serving food or soup / sauce. Length approx 12.5 Inches

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