Product features

  • WIDE MOUTH OPENING FOR SMOOTHIES, JUICES, PROTEIN & ICE … Easy pouring and storing for healthy, homemade beverages. The wide-mouth opening smoothie bottle is terrific for ultra thick smoothies, frozen shakes & ice cubes. Mix drinks right in the bottle, pour juices in without spills or add ice with ease. Perfect for infusing water as the fruit chunks will never get stuck inside.
  • LEAK PROOF & AIRTIGHT STAINLESS STEEL LIDS … Throw this glass water bottle in your bag and get a healthy start to your day with a juice, smoothie, or infused water. It’s completely airtight to keep your beverage fresh without any worry of spills.
  • PURE | BPA FREE & LEAD FREE | NEVER STAINS… Glass is the safe and ideal choice for healthy beverages as it will never leach chemicals, absorb odors or stain like plastics. Made from premium quality borosilicate glass & stainless steel caps ensures a pure drinking experience.
  • FOR HOT & COLD DRINKS.. Make hot tea & hot coffee right in the water bottle or prepare chilled beverages like juices, smoothies, infused waters, nut milks, iced coffees, kombucha and iced tea for easy grab and go.
  • SLEEK DESIGN FITS IN SMALL SPACES… Tall & skinny design fits perfectly into your car cup holder or your refrigerator to juice, smoothie or infused water prep. Reusable and made to last a lifetime.

Product Description

Is a toxin free glass drinking bottle that won’t leak or break too much to ask? Not with VAS exclusive by all about juicing Glass Water Bottles it isn’t.


  • Glass bottles for juicing
  • Fits fruit slices for fruit infused water
  • Bring homemade kombucha to work
  • Stay hydrated with water that’s never touched plastic
  • Wide mouthed opening fits ice cubes & thick smoothies
  • Refrigerate smoothie bottles & juices in convenient portions


With thick borosilicate glass, it’s less likely to shatter than cheap, thin glass. However at the end of the day it’s made of glass, & glass bottle with lids will never be as strong as metal but certainly tastes better.


When we say it’s leak proof, we mean you can throw it on a car seat, in a bag, or hold it upside down, and it will NOT leak… not a single drop.

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