J. Essentials Taco Holder Stainless Steel Metal (2 Pack/Set) - Taco Stand for 2 or 3 Soft/Hard Tacos, Burritos, or Fajita Tortillas - Taco Stay Upright No Mess - Oven/Dishwasher Safe - 4'x 8'

Product Description

TACO HOLDER STAINLESS STEEL - Enjoy all your tacos/burritos/fajitas more efficiently and tidy! These stands are made to stand up shells of any kind making them easy to build with your favorite toppings.

TACO STAND - Made out of sturdy food grade 304 stainless steel these stylish food stands are rust free and twice as durable as inferior 430SS grade products. Rounded edges and smooth bends will be sure to make handling this new kitchen accessory a breeze.

TORTILLA HOLDER - Whether heating taco shells in the oven, presenting soft fajitas on a warm skillet, or loading up dishes in the dishwasher these stands will hold up to it. Being 100% oven/dishwasher safe you can be sure that this kitchen accessory will outlast most.

METAL TACO HOLDERS - Present meals to your guests in a simple and modern fashion. These stands will stand out on a table of serveware and colored bowls and will surely be the most desired part of any taco night.

TACO HOLDER STAND - Stack very easily to deter cluttered cabinets or pantries. Add no clutter to your kitchen with a bulky extra accessory, just stack and store.

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