Product features

  • INSTANT-READ DIGITAL MEAT THERMOMETER: This instant-read grill thermometer takes only 3–4 seconds to read the temperature. The backlight function makes this thermometer readable in harsh lighting conditions. At the touch of a button, the thermometer can be easily calibrated. This thermometer uses a 3V battery, which is included so you can use it immediately. Make grilling or cooking easier.
  • NEEDLE-TIPPED BBQ THERMOMETER PROBE: The stainless steel probe is needle-tipped so it can puncture the surface of most meats. The long barbeque thermometer probe also makes it possible to reach the center of thick cuts of meat. The waterproof BBQ Dragon instant-read thermometer is easily cleaned by just running it under the kitchen sink.
  • POCKET-SAFE FOR PORTABILITY: Because the needle-tipped probe folds into the plastic handle, it’s safe to store in your apron or pants pocket. You can even store it in a kitchen drawer without worrying that it will stab someone. It also has a magnetic back if you want to keep it on the refrigerator. The big hole on the end makes the thermometer convenient to hang in a cabinet or on the grill.
  • WIDE RANGE: BBQ Dragon’s instant-read cooking thermometer measures a wide range of temperatures. Simply open the probe to turn the digital thermometer on and insert the probe to test the temperature. The probe measures from -58° F to 572° F (-50° C to 300° C). When you’re finished, all you have to do is close the probe to turn off the thermometer.
  • BBQ DRAGON QUALITY: At BBQ Dragon, we use high-quality sources to manufacture all of our products. All of our BBQ Dragon products include a one-year satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the BBQ Dragon Instant-Read Waterproof Meat Thermometer, reach out and let us know. We will send you a new product or refund your money.

Product Description

The BBQ Dragon Instant-Read Waterproof Meat Thermometer is the most important tool for grilling next to your grill. It removes the guesswork and eliminates the possibility for overcooked or undercooked meat. It can endure accidental drops and exposure to water when you’re cleaning it. This digital thermometer has an accurate instant-read response time of three to four seconds. The backlight function on the display makes this thermometer perfectly functional in harsh lighting conditions. Because the thermometer is waterproof, you can wash it in the kitchen sink after you use it. To turn on the thermometer, you simply have to open the probe. To turn it off, close the probe. If you leave the probe open for ten minutes or more, the thermometer will automatically turn off. The long probe makes it possible to measure the temperature in the center of a thick cut of meat. The stainless steel needle-tipped probe can be folded in to make it safe to store in your apron or pants pocket. The pocket size also makes it easy to carry around your house, backyard, or local park. You could even store it in a kitchen drawer without fear of it stabbing someone. The magnetic back makes it convenient to store on the refrigerator for easy-to-find storage. This fabulous barbeque thermometer can even be stored on a hook or other hook-like tool. The BBQ Dragon grilling thermometer can measure between -58° F to 572° F (-50° C to 300° C). Every BBQ Dragon product includes a one-year satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, we’ll refund your money. At BBQ Dragon, our goal is to create products for our grill-loving masters. We like barbeque. You like barbeque. See a pattern here?

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