Product features

  • ENHANCE YOUR HEALTH & LIFE - Using an Air Fryer? On a Paleo Diet, use HCG or just love flavor? The Fine Life(TM) Ideal Oil Mister lets you spray exactly the amount of oil you want to use, where you want to use it - This air pressure system eliminates smelly chemical propellants from your food or wasted expensive oil poured down your drain! - Now you can manage your calories while you eat all your favorite foods. Flavor up with olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar, sesame oil and more.
  • DESIGNED WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS - "So glad it isn't glass!" our users tell us. Your new oil sprayer is safe on any surface. SHAPED for a comfortable grip, it's LIGHT WEIGHT so it's easy for every member of the family to hold and use. And without glass, it's safe to use everywhere you'd like to take it. Carry it from kitchen to BBQ to patio, beach, boat or RV. Toss it in your bag to take to the office. We've even had it used for a water mist at the golf course and at the beach!
  • BEATS ALL THE OTHERS ON THE MARKET - WHY is everyone complaining about all those cheap cooking olive oil sprayers you see below on the page? Read their most recent reviews instead of the ones from years ago! Because they splatter, leak and break. Users get so frustrated they just throw them out. The Ideal Oil Mister sprayer solves ALL those issues! It WORKS and you'll use it for years. It's made with light weight food safe materials - easy to fill, pump, hold and use for kids and adults alike.
  • REFILL AND REUSE - This unique model produces such a FINE MIST you use so little oil it will last for weeks. The perfect cooking oil accessory your air fryer, grilling and baking. Fill it with an inch or two of olive oil. The rest of the space lets you pump up AIR pressure. Use your favorite oils for popcorn, salad, veggies, fish, meats, omelettes. - Even INFUSE your own flavors. The clear container lets you see exactly what's inside and the premium filter makes sure only pure oil is spritzed.
  • RISK-FREE 100% GUARANTEE. We stand by our olive oil sprayers and want you to have the same great experience other Ideal Olive Oil Mister customers are having. LIKE THEM, YOUâLL WANT MORE THAN ONE ON HAND - GREY, BLACK & RED models let you put different cooking oils in each one and have them right at your fingertips. Buy one or more for your oils, vinegars, lemon juice, and more. Stock up to give them as gifts. SPECIAL PRICING AVAILABLE - See the multi-packs & bundles listed with each model.

Product Description

We’re very proud The Fine Life’s Olive Oil Mister has been named “#1” in Best Oil Misters | March 2015 through 2018.

Have you been looking for a way to eliminate chemical laden aerosol propellants in store bought cooking oil sprays?

We loved the convenience of those products but realized it’s more important to eat healthy than to save a few seconds.

And we were tired of wiping excess expensive oil out of our pans or pouring it down the kitchen sink.

We’d rather use pure oil without additives.

Friends told us they kept trying those cheap aluminum tube olive oil sprayers. They didn’t work so they kept tossing them in the trash.

There had to be a better way!

Introducing Our Ideal Olive Oil Mister by The Fine Life ™

You can have all the flavor you want without the calories or chemicals!

Just use your favorite oils, lemon juice or vinegar and natural air pressure.

You create an ultra-light mist to:

* coat your air fryer, pans, grills & BBQ

* add just the right amount to your salads, omelettes, baking and more

* prep your meat, fish & veggies

* get your salt and spices to stick to your popcorn

It works! See in our reviews that our customers come up with new ways to use theirs and share how!

No Glass Used

This unique container is made from ultra light-weight food-safe transparent Tritan (TM) not heavy glass, so it’s safe to use in your kitchen or patio, at the office, on your boat or RV.

Premium Clog-Free Filter

Thanks to its high-end filter only clear fresh fluids are spray misted on your food.

Easy To Use

The wide neck refillable transparent canister means you can use and re-use. A few pumps of the top and you’ve got simple air pressure inside. Press and hold the nozzle to get an ultra-fine mist.


You get a manufacturer’s one-year 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Get Your Ideal Oil Mister Today And Enjoy A Healthier Life

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