Hoomoi Kitchen Oil Splash Guard Gas Stove Cooker Oil Removal Scald Proof Board Kitchen Tool

Product Description

Three tall, 28cm x 33cm folding panels keep counters, walls and floors splatter free!The splatter screen helps eliminate burns, messy clean-up and ideal for protecting walls while using a mixer bowl.

The non-stick splatter shield keeps cooking surfaces, counters, walls and floors free from grease splatters! Efficiently shields much of your stove and its surrounding environment, eliminating the mess of splattered food.

The splatter shield guard unfold and surround your pans and skillets to provide a tall, protective barrier against hot, harmful grease.

Durable nonstick finish is easy to clean and makes kitchen clean-up a breeze! !Dishwasher safe!Folds flat to store when not in use.

The convenient shield adjust to fit any size burner or pan.If your gas stove is a little big, we suggest you buy two pieces of this oil splash guard.

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