Holmes True HEPA Air Purifier for Large Rooms with Enhanced Mold Fighting Power Filter

Product Description

True HEPA Type Filter helps remove up to 99.97% of dust, smoke, pollen, odors, mold spores and pet dander. This air purifier filters particles as small as 2 microns and larger to help provide cleaner air for your home or office

Choose from 4 cleaning speeds to keep the air fresh and pure inside your home. The low motor setting, advanced blade, and specially designed Ture HEPA filter allow continuous quiet operation without interruption

This space-saving air purifier has a slim design that is perfect for any room. Recommended for rooms up to 349 square feet. Perfect for bedrooms, family rooms, living room or any living space

Includes new LED Filter Monitor to indicate when it's time to change your filter to maintain maximum performance

Holmes True HEPA Filter with Enhanced Mold Fighting Power

Helps remove up to 99.97 percent of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns

Including different types of pollen, mold spores, household dust, pet dander and smoke

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