Product features

  • ♨️WITHSTANDS WEAR AND TEAR: Made from strong rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, our 20-inch BBQ flipper is built to last. Safely and comfortably use around heat. Easy to clean.
  • ♨️EASILY LIFT AND FLIP A VARIETY OF FOODS: Wickedly sharp bbq meat hook punctures the toughest of cuts and turns food in one fluid motion. Perfect for ribs, steak, tri-tips, poultry, veggies, etc.
  • ♨️OPTIMAL CONTROL AND RESULTS: Ergonomic riveted wood handle provides a better grip when flipping. Turner hooks won’t rub off spices like bbq grill tongs or cause damage and juice loss like a bbq fork.
  • ♨️CONVENIENT AND EASY TO STORE: Designed with a nifty built-in bottle opener at the end of the handle, our bbq grill tool hooks onto your grill for quick and easy access. Always there when you need it.
  • ♨️BONUS EBOOK AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Love Grill Beast’s meat bbq hook or your money back. All bbq accessories include a free badass recipe book, so click “Add to Cart” now – you can’t lose!

Product Description

Overturning Slab Jabber
A BBQ Tool for the Ages

Defying today’s throw-away culture, we set out to create barbecue tools and accessories that aren’t only built to last but ones that grill lovers would be proud to pass on to future generations. Our pigtail food flipper is one such tool.

  • Constructed from the finest-quality materials, the Beast Hook is a heavy-duty meat flipper that won’t bend, break, or dent under the weight of heavy foods
  • Besides being highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and bacteria growth, the cleanability of the stainless steel makes it a top choice for use in cooking
  • It’s stylish and sleek design will fit right into any grill master’s toolbox
  • It’s length, strength, and multipurpose appeal make it a must-have tool and perfect grill gift for anyone who loves to cook

An Answer to a Grill Master’s Problems

Without question, spiced crusts and caramelized flavors are the best things about barbecued food. But some grilling tools hinder the cooking process rather than help it. Thankfully, the Beast Hook takes care of many common issues. How?

1. You don’t have to puncture your food multiple times to get a good grip. This ensures you don’t lose delicious juices or cause the kind of damage you’ll create when using a bbq fork.

2. While bbq forks have straight prongs that food can easily slip off, the pigtail hook design ensures food remains securely on the tool for lifting and carrying.

3. Unlike grill tongs that cover a large surface area of your meat and often rub off spices, barbecue sauces, and marinades, the Beast Hook barely touches the surface. This effectively keeps your seasonings and sauces where they belong.

As one of the most effective and efficient grilling tools around, our 20-inch pigtail flipper is a keeper. Make the best decision you’ll make today by clicking “Add to Cart.”

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