Product features

  • WE HAVE MANY CHOICES FOR YOU: Chopsticks with different Animals, Bears and Kids toppers. Don't forget to have a look on other buying options on this page!
  • CUTE, COLORFUL AND STYLISH DESIGN: 5 happy and lively animals (Rabbit, Flamingo, Giraffe, Dog & Elephant) of bright lovely colours all come in 1 pack saying hello to you! Animal toppers are helpers detachable from chopsticks. Feel free to decide your own unique colour mix & match!
  • HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE MATERIALS: Made of Silicone (animal toppers) and melamine (chopsticks) of premium quality. Say goodbye to disposable wooden / bamboo chopsticks. show your love to the Earth and use these reusable and eco-friendly utensils. They are more portable to anywhere with their light weight (at least lighter than stainless steel!). FDA approved, BPA free, non-toxic materials and 100% dishwasher safe.
  • SUPER EASY AND CONVENIENT TO USE: Highly functional. The silicone animal topper flexibly keeps the non-slippery sticks together and it can be used as a chopstick rest. The chopsticks are your best companions for your Chinese dim sum & dumplings, Japanese sushi & sashimi, Korean kimchi & bibimbap, Thai pad thai, Asian stir fry, noodles and rice, etc. You will surely have a happy dining experience at ease and it won't be a long way to eat like an Asian!
  • FOR MOTIVATED CHOPSTICK LEARNERS: Ideal for right or left-handed kids (not toddlers), children, teens and adults who wants to learn eating with chopsticks. You are free to remove the animal topper once you can fully manipulate the sticks! Remember, having these chopsticks doesn't mean you are instantly able to pick any food like a Master of Chopsticks at every single trial. Do practise more to perfect your skills!

Product Description

Check out other buying options on this page! We also *highly recommend* you to choose:

8 pairs of Animal Chopsticks with same animals plus Lion, Monkey and Owl at USD16.77 – a very great deal at only $2 per pair
5 pairs of super cute Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue Bears at USD12.77 – both the bears and packaging itself are equally adorable
***A gift box set of 3 pairs of energetic Kids at ONLY USD9.99 – extremely reasonably priced item as a gift

***50% of the profit will be donated to charity – good for both your little loved ones and those who genuinely need care from others 🙂

Everyday Delights Animal Training Chopsticks

5 pairs of adorable animal chopsticks in attractive colour (purple rabbit, pink flamingo, yellow giraffe, green dog and blue elephant) made from the best quality materials

How to use Animal Chopsticks?

1. Put the first stick under your thumb, resting it on the palm.
2. Hold the second stick like a pencil with tips of thumb and index finger.
3. Keep the first stick on your ring finger; and the second stick on your middle finger.
4. Try picking your food!
5. Just dropped your food? Try again and never give up!

Everyday Delights strives to make every customer happy by offering a range of lively, colourful, decorative, functional home & kitchen products of good quality at very affordable price.

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we do. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, please send us a private message and let us know how we can make you happy again. You are also welcome to return the product to us without any pressure!

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