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Product features

  • Perfect for travel
  • Fun for the whole family
  • fun and educational, great for kids learning math!
  • Comes packaged in a mini backpack style
  • unique & fast paced and nature inspired for the whole family
  • Fast paced and FUN

Product Description

Education Outdoors hit the trail game is fun, nature inspired and fast paced. Can you be the first hiker to hike 100 miles in the new dice/card game “hit the trail”? “Hit the trail” Comes packaged in a realistic mini backpack. How the game is played: deal 7 cards out to each player. Each player picks a card and lays it face up. (This is where the strategy comes in) Do you pick a lower point card or a higher point card? Youngest player then rolls The three dice – trying to match one of the die or combination of dice to their card amount which is face up. Each time the die/dice combination match the players card that is face up, the player gets to move the card into their “mile pile” Trying to be the first to hike 100 miles. But, beware of getting caught with a “cooler card” – like the mother bear & Cubs in the trail. If you get caught with one of the three cooler cards – you lose 10 miles. Other twists in the game include bonus rolls If the player’s dice total the card amount that is face up. Don’t forget to look out for the trips/doubles rule which is when any of the dice come up with doubles or triples. You take a card from the person to your right. It’s fun and fast and the whole family will play over and over again.

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