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Product features

  • A lot of alive copper still life alembic is still distiller, portable and convenient for beginners or experts.
  • The multi-functional water alcohol distiller used for distilling fruit wine red distilling water, purified water, distilling Brandy, etc.
  • The Argon construction is all stainless steel welded to avoid any of the hygiene issues associated with copper and welding by static.
  • Boiler material is stainless steel. Cooling pipe material is top red copper.
  • The product instruction manual is universal, the pictures are subject to this list link. Easy to set up and use.

Product Description

Commercial Quality For Your Home Brewery
Do more in less time and achieve higher purity with a 5-gallon distiller that has been designed for maximum efficiency.
The 5 Gallon Dual Keg Distiller features pure stainless steel construction for the body and high-quality solid copper for the tubing, allowing you to distill fruit wines, water, brandy and even refine plant extracts quicker than with lower quality units.
Also with the additional ‘thumper’ keg, you can achieve higher proof alcohols and achieve greater distillation purity by removing impurities in the steam as it passes through the liquid in the thumper keg (you may add water, alcohol, wine, or other liquids to the thumper keg which can even add flavor to your distilled solution).
With the Alcohol distiller you can be more efficient and effective in your distilling and spend more time enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Condition:100% Brand New
5Gal Boiler Volume:20 L
5Gal Boiler diameter(Inside):30cm/11.5″
5Gal Boiler height:30cm/11.8″
silicone hoses length:90cm/35.4″
Boiler Material: Stainless steel

Package includes:
1 x 5 Gal capacity boiler
1 x 8*5″ condenser
1 x 8*5″ thumper keg
1 x Silicone tubing for cold water
1 x Copper and corrugated tubing for thumper keg & condenser
1 x Instruction manual

Use before or after, pour 6 to 8-liter water into steaming barrel, heating, and distilling half an hour to an hour, can remove residual impurities in the copper tube. (Don’t add cold water into the small barrel)
In order to avoid appear oxide. Dry barrel with a towel and put it in a dry place when work finished.
Extra preparation needed – yeast, water supply, a heat source (induction cooker or gas stove suggested)

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