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  • While other infant thermometers stop working several times, produce noises that wake up babies often in the middle of the night, have inaccurate and inconsistent readings, are a waste of your money, the VITCHELO forehead and ear thermometer for kids and adults is super EASY TO USE, get you QUICK and CLINICAL ACCURATE READINGS every time WITHIN ONE SECOND on a backlight easy-to-read, color-coded display for all ages PRECISE FEVER TRACKING at home.
  • MULTIFUNCTION & MULTI USE - Pulling double duty as both an EAR and TEMPORAL SCAN THERMOMETER, the dual mode capability of this personal portable electronic fever thermometer for adults and kids makes it a standout choice. You can also measure baby room temperature, an object’s temperature like baby bottles, or to ensure bath water is at a safe and comfortable level before putting your newborn into the tub.
  • STORE & RECALL READINGS - Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit as needed, and keep track of your body temperatures by storing up to 32 measurements on this QUICK and EASY READ temple thermometer's memory. No maintenance other than basic hygiene is necessary. Comes with a STORAGE BAG FOR EASY PORTABILITY, cotton swabs, TWO BATTERIES to get you started, and a FREE eBook "Understanding and Managing Fever". HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  • THROW OUT THAT MERCURY THERMOMETER and take the struggle out of measuring your children temperature with this top-rated forehead thermometer for kids and adult, it's much easier. With FASTER READ TIMES and FEVER ALARMS, our electric baby digital thermometer forehead will bring you peace of mind by letting you timely identify your toddler's sickness, SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY on a doctors' trip that didn’t necessarily need to happen.
  • Your temporal artery thermometer purchase is covered by our LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY plus our 60-DAY, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED, FULL REFUND MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. This could be the best value digital tympanic thermometer medical hospital grade for use at home. We've gone the extra mile to design a MANUAL WRITTEN IN PROPER ENGLISH and a QUICK START VIDEO GUIDE. Get or gift a temporal thermometer for kids and adult today!

Product Description

Oh no! Your baby’s forehead is hot to touch. Could it be a fever? Before you panic and race down to your doctor you need to confirm your suspicions. That’s where a Vitchelo FDA APPROVED baby thermometer forehead and ear comes in.

Besides babies, the VITCHELO Medical Temporal Artery Thermometer WORKS WELL FOR ALL AGES (children, infant, toddler, adult…)

It features 3 DIFFERENT MODES for taking temperatures – a dual-function capability that switches easily from forehead to ear functionality, and one for an object so that you can also use it to ensure bath water is at a safe and comfortable level before putting your newborn into the tub.

Its memory can STORE UP TO 32 READINGS, and it can switch quickly between Celsius and Fahrenheit

While in other temporal thermometer for kids and adult you can not silence the alarm, the Vitchelo baby forehead and ear thermometer CAN BE EASILY SILENCED when taking the temperature of a sleeping child so the beep does not wake him or her up.


The kids’ thermometer COMES WITH A STORAGE BAG, making it easier to carry, includes COTTON SWABS, TWO PANASONIC BATTERIES, a FREE EBOOK “Understanding & Managing Fever”, and QUICK START VIDEO GUIDE to get you started. 

While no maintenance other than basic hygiene is needed, don’t skimp on cleaning the termometro digital baby after you’ve used it.

In the highly unlikely scenario that you are not entirely thrilled with your head thermometer for kids PRECISE FEVER TRACKING, rest assured your purchase is covered under our 100% Money-Back Guarantee and our LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY. 

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