DeRoyal BIDF2012380-BX Grade 10 Open Weave Strainer Cheesecloth IdealFold Box, 80 sq Yards

Product Description

High quality cheesecloth food grade safe for cheese making, straining stocks, custards, bundling herbs and to thicken yogurt.

80 square yard solid bolt allows you to customize the cheesecloth for uses including wraps for baby photography, wedding table runners, wedding décor, baby shower décor, or custom gift wrap.

100% cotton lint-free cheese cloth can be used for painting, staining, polishing, cleaning or waxing. Durable, washable and reusable.

Keep your holiday meats juicy by using a soaked cheesecloth to eliminate the need for basting, or use it for seedless fruit squeezing, poaching fish, canning or straining soups and stocks.

You will keep finding amazing uses for this cheesecloth. Just use a sharp pair of scissors to easily cut to the size you need!

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