Product features

  • ★ LIVE HEALTHIER ★ Are you trying to drink more water, lose weight & live healthier? The Danum Fruit Infuser Bottle is your answer - Simple, Easy & Fast! In 2 minutes you can make great tasting, healthy water. Get all the hydration your body needs with all the flavors you love! Why put sugar & chemicals in your body that are keeping you over weight & feeling bad? Give your body the hydration, vitamins & minerals it needs - the natural & organic way! Choose to live healthier & feel better today!
  • ★ DESIGNED FOR INFUSING ★ Danum bottles are so well designed & durable, you'll use it every day! You'll love how much fruit & water this large 32 oz bottle holds, yet still fits in most car cup holders. The rubber grip on one side & molded thumb grip opposite ensures a secure grip. Easy to carry using the large finger loop. One hand operation - push the button & the lid pops open. The flat bottom-full length infuser basket makes it easy to add lots of fruit and a large opening for easy cleaning.
  • ★ 100% BPA-FREE ★ Danum bottles are made of Premium Eastman Tritan. You'll love drinking from this bottle - it's not like other plastic bottles you've used before. The Eastman Tritan material is BPA free so it's safe to use, odorless & has no plastic aftertaste. Premium Eastman Tritan is very durable, yet looks like glass. The Danum bottle has all of the benefits of glass bottle with the safety & lighter weight of a plastic bottle.
  • ★ FREE RECIPE EBOOK ★ Do you like free gifts? When you buy a Danum Fruit Infuser Water Bottle you get more than just a great Infusion bottle, you also get an awesome Fruit Infusing recipe eBook - FREE! We have selected the very best infusion recipes out there & put them into an attractive & easy to read eBook. You're going to love all of the great tasting & healthy recipes! It's all here - great bottle & great recipe book. Make the choice to start living healthier today - you deserve it!
  • ★ LIFETIME WARRANTY ★ We’re so confident in the design & craftsmanship of our bottles, we back it up with a lifetime warranty! You will absolutely love your Danum Fruit Infuser Water Bottle - or we'll buy it back. If it breaks, we'll replace it. You have nothing to lose! We have made changes to our bottle based upon customers feedback, improving an already great design, it's near perfect now & we're sure you'll feel the same! There's nothing to lose & everything to gain - get yours today!

Product Description

Why drink Infused Water?


Did you know that over 75% of Americans are chronically Dehydrated? Soda, energy drinks, sugar filler “fruit” drinks… all these tasty drinks literally dehydrate you! In the past 100 years, we have lost touch with the natural and healthy way of making water flavorful & interesting.

Here are just some of the benefits of drinking infused water:
Good source for Anti-oxidants
Helps reduce wrinkles & improve overall skin tone & elasticity
Helps digestion
Helps weight loss & hunger control
Great source for vitamins & minerals
Helps you reduce your sugar intake by replacing soda
Stimulates better brain function – concentration, alertness, fatigue
Helps you rest better
Helps joint lubrication
Infusing vitamins & minerals boosts your immune system
Helps to detoxify the body

Literally, by drinking infused water everyday you can replace soda, and other bad drinks with natural, organically flavored drinks.

Get HEALTHIER with your own DANUM Infusing Water Bottle right now!

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