Product features

  • INNOVATIVE/CLASSIC DESIGNS:  Coconut opener tool with hammer which measures about 11.4 inches (L) from the head of the hammer to the end, the head of the hammer is about 3.5 inches (W) while the surface of the hammerhead is 1.6 inches (L) it also comes with  "3 stainless steel drinking straw. Reduce your plas`c footprint with our Eco-Friendly Reusable Metal Straws." which is about 6.3 inches long and 0.2 inches wide. Meant2ToBe also provided a "straw cleaner brush" to clean up the stra
  • PREMIUM QUALITY/DURABLE MATERIALS: Meant2ToBe coconut opener are made to last for years without genng rust. "The coconut meat removal" is extra effec`ve in removing coconut meat. It measures about 3.9 inches wide(W) and from the s`ll to the wooden handle is also 3.9inches long (L), and its handle measures 1.2 inches wide. The set also comes with a unique stainless s`ll opener which helps in making larger holes in coconut for easy extrac`on of coconut fresh water, and it's about 11.4 inches long
  • MULT-PURPOSES: Meant2ToBe came up with the best coconut opener tool that is designed tool are designed for several purposes which includes for Par`es, Bars, Restaurants, Homes, Offices, Desert Islands, Boats, Hot Air Balloon & More! We are so sure that you will love Meant2ToBe coconut opener toolset
  • SIMPLE/SAFEST: Meant2ToBe Coconut opener set Seconds so you can easily and SAFELY enjoy the refreshing water Inside! The easiest & safest way to open a coconut, simply slice off an area of the husk with a knife and use your coconut opener normally, depending on the coconut, extract coconut water effortlessly from young coconuts with this easy tool, punch into the count in seconds. This is the safest way to open a green coconut. No kitchen Knives, No Machete, No Power Drills, no dangerous obj
  • BUY WITH FULL TRUST: Our coconut opener kit has full trust quality, that is why our products come with a 100% sa`sfac`on guarantee. We have absolute confidence in our brands. 100% brand new with great quality, stainless steel material, perfect for daily use when you cut the coconut dishwasher safe and Never gets rust or dull. We know you're going to love your Meant2ToBe opener tool products. That's why we're offering them risk-free!

Product Description

Have you been struggling to open and drink a young coconut?

Who doesn’t want to cut off his finger or hand when trying to open a coconut?

Do you have elderly ones who love to eat coconut but they just can’t open it?

Meant2ToBe has provided you with everything you want about coconut opener tool are all ready! 

Actually, anyone of any age be it woman, or a man can open coconuts with the Meant2ToBe professional Coconut Opener. Never buy cheap tools that require super-strength to use; the meant2ToBe Coconut Opener is a fast, easy, and safest way to open both young coconuts and mature coconuts! Our 100% food safe stainless steel tools create awesome openings in your coconuts quickly, easily, and safely. Our tools are extra superb, never get rust, dull or look old rather it is durable and long-las`ng.

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