Product features

  • The press is made out of quality material, stainless steel for the entire press - a bit heavy, but NO coated surface that start chipping off into your food without noticing! The stainless steel construction is ideal for garlic as it doesn't absorb the garlic odors and cleans up nicely!
  • Everything throughout the unit is metal, it's made from only 3 pieces so fewer points of failure.
  • It's very strongly constructed, and a nice design. It looks sleek and modern in the kitchen.
  • This one is easy to squeeze and has a nice curved shape that fits in your hand nicely, comfortable to grip and press with.
  • There are teeth like bumps on it that when you squeeze it, all of the debris comes out the holes. There are some similarities with other presses too. You will still need to scrape the pressed garlic with a knife from the outside of the basket and then just rinse the rest right off.

Product Description

#A Time Saver
A dish is not a dish without garlic. Hand mincing garlic isn’t easy and your fingers smell garlicky a long time after because raw garlic is pungent, and the oils will be absorbed into your skin, along with the odor, unless you wear gloves. A garlic press is a very fast way to mince garlic. No more cutting up the garlic on a cutting board with the garlic flying all over the place! It is extremely fast to mince garlic that is done without a mess, a whole bulb of garlic take less than a minute to press out all the pulp, allowing the garlic to exit in beautifully minced individualized pieces. Pressing the garlic enable the fresh garlic taste to be more evenly distributed. This device really macerates the garlic which brings the flavor out better than chopping. It really lets you get all the garlic into your recipe. It will press ginger and turmeric but not as well as grating it.

—The Overall Usefulness Is Only Hampered by the Size of the Hopper.
You can press multiple of garlic at once due to the size of the product. Large compartment allows you to put in a large clove or a couple of small ones at one time. That makes it nice when you need to press several cloves. Aside from the large dimensions, the handles are easier to grip and their diameter and length give a lot of leverage. The feel when you have it in your hand is a very nice weighty feel.

*****A Cinch to Clean
Suggest rinsing immediately after use to remove any leftover garlic. If you don’t clean it immediately it would be a pain. The trick is to clean/rinse it out right after so the remnants don’t dry up inside, making it even more difficult to get clean. Cleaning is a snap and you can even thrown it in the dishwasher if you don’t have time to hand wash. The dishwasher is fine but hand cleaning gets rid of the garlic bits better. Forward and back flush the basket with a jet of water.

From the Manufacturer: BE YOU! MAKE YOUR LIFE A BEAUTY!

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