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Product features

  • PERFECT GIFT ITEM: These are marvelous Jewish host or hostess gifts if you're a guest for Friday night Shabbos dinner. Large and elegant, they're long burning and made of 100% pure paraffin wax.
  • IMPORTED QUALITY: Crafted and made with all natural ingredients in Europe, these odorless candles let off a light pleasant glow and emit a white quality light. The wicks are made of quality cotton.
  • 100% KOSHER: These big candles have multiple wicks which create the large torch like flame needed for the Havdallah ceremony on Saturday night. This is an essential part of any Havdala set.
  • TALL & BRIGHT: These slow burning candles are designed to last for countless uses. This is classic Judaica product also used at weddings and other traditional religious and ceremonial events.
  • THE NER MITZVAH PROMISE: As the premier source for Jewish holiday and traditional products and resources, our products are designed with ease of use, convenience, and practicality in mind.

Product Description

End the Shabbat with this Ner Mitzvah Havdalah Candle, 100% high quality paraffin wax.

Product Details

– Motzei Shabbos Havdalah Candle
– Top Quality Paraffin
– Crafted in Europe
– Traditional Multi-Wick
– Certified Kosher
– Beautifully Entwined Braids
– Burns Clear and Bright
– Jewish Themed Colors
– Perfect Host & Hostess Gift

This beautiful havdalah candle has a lovely light paraffin aroma. It’s thicker than a standard havdalah candle, and fits into havdala candle holders accommodating to shaped candles.

The wicks are high quality to emit least smoke -a big plus. You don’t want to set off the smoke alarm unnecessarily every Saturday night! It burns & lasts a long time particularly if used for typical 60 seconds per week, at the close of Shabbat & Chagim.

This Ner Havdalah is the traditional braided candle used by Jews at the close of Shabbos for hundreds of years. This candle is handmade from 100% paraffin wax. The light of its multiple wicks serve to remind us of the Creation of Light, given to Adam and Eve at the beginning of time. Every week we are renewed & refreshed with our ultimate purpose.

Havdalah, or havdalla means “separation” referring to a Jewish religious ceremony marking the symbolic end of Shabbat or Jewish festivals. The ritual involves making a blessing over a cup of wine, and bsmaim – smelling spices – upon the Shabbat ending. A special Havdalah candle with multiple wicks is lit, and a blessing is recited.

About Ner Mitzvah

Ner Mitzvah, family operated since the 1940s, consistently brings you the best in Mitzva, Judaica & religious items. From Shabbos, Chanukah, Yahrtzet or havdallah candles, to Shabbat lamp oil, aluminum candle holders, dreidels and many more Judaic gift items, supplies and resources -Ner Mitzvah is your premier Judaica source.

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