Black Belt Rack Closet Organizer by Aristocrat, Closet Belt Organizer Holds up to 14 Belts, Rotates 360 Degrees, Compact, Space-Saving Belt Hanger

Product Description

QUALITY CLOSET BELT ORGANIZER: This product is made up of a single-piece, heavy-duty polypropylene construction. It’s 12-hook, 2-slot design holds up to 14 belts of all shapes and sizes and is done in a way so there are no small pieces that could snag and break, diminishing your unit’s functionality and life-span. It is a well-thought design, researched to overcome problems found with other belt holders.

STABLE AND COMPACT: Our black belt closet organizer is easy and compact without any additional installation needed, just hang and use. You will find your belt where you put it. You will not need to go searching on the floor or play a balancing game each time you place your items worrying like a house of cards if everything will go down. Our non-tipping design allows you to hang any item you want on any hook without worrying it will just spill or cause everything else to fly off. Our unit keeps a

VERSATILE AND ACCESSIBLE: Like all our products, we design them for a purpose. However in each individuals’ hands, like blank pages, this can be re-written to comply to your needs. You don’t just have to hang belts, you may use it for scarves, ties, necklaces, and jewelry, and it doesn’t just have to be in your bedroom closet. You can use it anywhere your imagination can place it, like hanging dish-towels in the kitchen cabinet. When reaching to access your items you have a clear visibility than

YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Only the best, as with all Aristocrat Homewares products, the black closet belt organizer comes with a no hassle SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: For further questions or help, our Aristocrat team will be at your disposal at any time. Simply write to us via the Amazon message system and one of our team members will be there for you personally.

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