BEARE Alarm Clock Charging Station - w/Quad USB Port for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android Phone,Tablet and All USB-Charged Devices

Product Description

【Power Your Time - Not Only a Clock】BEARE POWERTIME is an attractive alarm clock with 4 USB charging and a minimalist design. It is not only keeps you on track with its alarm and clock features, it also provides power to keep your devices fully charged. 0.6”White LED display for easy readability both day and night. Brightness levels can easily be adjusted by tapping the DIMMER button.

【More Charging Port Solution & High-current USB port & fast charging】BEARE POWERTIME Alarm comes with 4 USB charging ports which Includes one 2100mA fast charging port, to provide multiple options to charge your devices. The shared 1.2 Amp port will fulfill your devices basic needs, while the 2.1 Amp port provides your device with more power and faster charge times.

【7 Pre-Programmed Time Zone & DST Indicator】BEARE POWERTIME has 7 pre-programmed time zones, which includes: Atlantic Time / Eastern Time (Default) / Central Time / Mountain Time / Pacific Time / Yukon Time / Hawaiian Time. Moreover, you can set the clock to Daylight Time Saving mode and the time will be displayed in DST format.

【Snooze Option and Dual Alarm】BEARE POWERTIME can temporarily be suspended for 9 minutes using the SNOOZE function. The buzzer will automatically activate again after the SNOOZE period. This procedure can be repeated for up to approximately one hour.

【Never Drop the Ball - Battery Backup】One CR-2032 button cell battery is pre-installed in the alarm clock. In case of a power failure, the battery backup function will ensure that the current time & alarm time settings will be preserved in the memory of the unit.

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