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Product features

  • GRABS, FLIPS & CLEANS! This 3 IN 1 TOOL GRABS more precisely that a regular set of tongs. FLIPS more efficiently than a spatula. Even scrapes your grill CLEAN! The 2 spatulas were designed to be of identical size, 1 ¾ inch (4.5 cm) wide, to GRAB ANYTHING with precision and ease. The beveled edges of the spatulas slide easily under stuck-on food. The DUAL SPATULA LOCKING SYSTEM locks on food when flipping on the grill, ensuring complete grilling control and more precision than any other bbq tool
  • You can even CLEAN your grill using the cleaning grooves and eliminate the need for wire brushes which are dirty and can be dangerous. The two grooves, on the BBQ Croc’s upper spatula, fit 90% of grills and effectively scrape the food residues off the grill bars. This innovative multi-purpose 3 in 1 barbecue tool eliminates the need for multiple cumbersome tools. No need to switch back and forth between different tools, BBQ Croc is the only tool you’ll need!
  • The scissor mechanism of the BBQ Croc allows the jaws to open wide, up to 9 inches and close at the perfect angle for extreme precision. This design also amplifies the strength of your grip by 5 times, allowing you to grab large pieces with minimal effort as compared to regular tongs. It is also perfect for grabbing food out of a deep pot, like corn or lobster.
  • Over 21 inches (54 cm) long it ensures that your hands never get burned while grilling, even when reaching to the back of the grill. Extra light, only 8 oz (227 g), so you can move your food with precision and ease over the grill. HIGH QUALITY, premium food grade aluminum alloy
  • rust proof and dishwasher safe (Discolouration may occur*). Strong enough to lift a chicken or roast. Ergonomic non-slip texturized handles ensure a firm & comfortable grip. Resist up to 180˚C (350˚F).
  • Extend your grilling day & season with the optional CLIP-ON Flashlight. Specially designed thermoplastic clip capable of snapping to almost anything including the BBQ Croc tool. Includes a POWERFUL 9 LIGHT LED flashlight that shines super bright to illuminate a large area. Cool white light. Made of strong aluminum. 3 AAA BATTERIES INCLUDED (remove the battery protector before use). *All aluminum may exhibit slight discolouration when washed in a dishwasher.

Product Description

Night time grilling has never been so easy. Not only is the BBQ Croc the perfect 3 in 1 grilling tool, now you can use it day and night!

This BONUS PACK includes the BBQ Croc 21 inch and a specifically designed clip that holds a 9 LED flashlight and attaches to the BBQ Croc.

The flashlight ILLUMINATES THE ENTIRE GRILLING AREA to guarantee perfect results every time.

It can also fit perfectly on a baseball cap, or other similar brimmed hat, so the beam follows where you look.

Perfect for tailgating or outdoor entertaining, this new, innovative accessory from BBQ Croc will light up your grill and amaze your guests!

Available in this Bonus Pack with the 21 inch BBQ Croc, or individually on amazon.ca.

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