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size:7 inches
Air fryer accessories, a good helper in the kitchen. With it,you can try to cook different foods every day, not only nutritious, but also safe and healthy. Especially on weekend nights, imagine how happy it is to enjoy the process of making food with your family!

The air fryer accessories set includes:
1 cake bucket
1 pizza dish
1 bread rack
1 multi-purpose rack with 3 skewers
1 metal bracket
1 silicone pad
1 cookbook

Cake Barrel
This cake bucket has a large capacity, you can use it to make delicious big cakes for the whole family! At the same time, it also comes with a handle for easy to remove from the fryer.

Pizza Pan
Air fryer pizza pan have many uses. It can not only make pizza, but also make eggs, potatoes, pancakes and even giant biscuits. In a word, you can make a wide variety of foods according to your taste.

Bread Rack
Bread rack can help you make sliced bread quickly and easily.It can hold eight slices of bread at a time. The bread you make yourself is delicious and healthy.

Metal Bracket
It can expand your cooking space, allowing you to bake more food at once, saving your time and improving efficiency.

Multi-function rack
It can be used with a fork pin. You can make delicious barbecues by stringing chicken wings, vegetables or other food on the forks!

Silicone Pad
It has a high temperature resistant surface for thermal insulation. You can place a hot plate or pan on a silicone pad to avoid scalding your table.

This cookbook contains a variety of methods for making food, and the steps are detailed and can be easily learned.

1.Do not put it in a place where children can reach it;
2.Do not touch with your hands before cooling, be careful of burns;
3.Do not wipe with metal products when cleaning.

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