Mrisata Coffee Pot, Portable Stainless Steel Coffee Pot European Style Mocha Coffee Pot Thick Stainless Steel Anti-Scalding Coffee Pot Suitable for All Kinds of Stoves

Product Description

Moka pot: Pressure extraction can better obtain the aroma and oil of coffee, which is more flavorful. It is the core of the basic notes of many coffees.

Olecranon design: The spout is designed to prevent liquid flow, and the water can flow out quickly, and the water can be cut off neatly, so as to avoid soiling the countertop of the coffee table.

High-quality details: the bottle body is finely polished; the bottom of the pot is thickened with stainless steel, which is suitable for all kinds of stoves. The anti-scalding handle and metal filter are both the designer's intentions. It is very suitable for coffee lovers among family or friends, and it is easy to carry.

Safety valve: When the pressure in the coffee pot is too high or the resistance of the coffee powder is too large, the pressure can be relieved to ensure the taste, you don't have to worry

How to use: Pour the bottom pot of the coffee pot into clean water, put it in the coffee powder box but don't compact it, and heat it for 3-4 minutes after it is installed.

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