Portable Neck Fan,Neck heater and cooler Rechargeable Smart Constant Temperature Silent,3 seconds to heat or cool,Free Adjustment Cooling for Outdoor Indoor Sports,Available in all seasons(White)

Product Description

【Neck Heating and Cooling】A portable neck heater and cooler suitable for use throughout the year.A new electric heating chip is used to provide heating and cooling modes.

【Two modes,three gears adjustment】The cold compress type cooling can effectively reduce the temperature by 10-15 degrees Celsius,and cool down through the semiconductor refrigeration film, and quickly reduce the temperature.Fast heating in 3 seconds,with three temperature levels,you can adjust the temperature at will,and quickly give you comfortable warmth.

【Not a fan,No noise】The new design concept avoids the noise caused by the internal motor,fan blades and air duct of the traditional hanging neck fan.This is almost zero noise,giving you a comfortable and quiet space.

【Real-time temperature display】This product is equipped with two highly sensitive detectors. According to the algorithm, the temperature can be intelligently controlled at the degree you adjust to maintain a constant temperature.

【Ergonomic design】According to the ergonomic design concept, using selected high-quality soft rubber, it is more comfortable to wear. One-piece design, suitable for all-round and multi-angle wearing. The appearance is more beautiful and fashionable.

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