Gutenberg's Dank Pressing Co 3x6 inch premium rosin bags 25-50 Packs | rosin press bags | dab press nylon micron bags | All Micron Sizes (50-Pack, 90 Micron (u))

Product Description

3x6 Inch 25-50 Packs rosin press bags pre-flipped to save time. Crafted using high quality nylon that is incredibly durable and heat resistant up to 375 degrees F

STRONG and DURABLE premium nylon double stitch rosin bags for perfect pressing. The combination of high quality nylon and double stitch sewing allows for our extraction filters to produce optimal yields

100% Organic Food-Grade and Dye-Free Nylon for a clean dab press and environmentally friendly. Creates a solventless clean final product

Various micron screen bags available for whatever material you like to press. 15u, 25u, 37u, 50u, 75u, and 90u are ideal for finer material. 90u, 120u, 160u, and 220u are ideal for flower material

Premium 100% nylon press screen bags that PREVENT BLOWOUTS. Thousands of satisfied customers around the world supporting our perfectly crafted rosin filter bags

Can fit up to 14 grams of flower material and 56 grams of finer material

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