Hammered Chef Knife,Household Chef's KnifeSlicing Knife Fruit Knife Cut Meat Kitchen Knife Easily Handles all Basic Kitchen Cutting Tasks, Light, Agile and Very Easy to Maneuver

Product Description

The exquisite western-style chef's knife will definitely become the favorite in the kitchen. The sharp blade of stainless steel material has unparalleled versatility and can easily handle all basic kitchen cutting tasks.

The upper sharp blade, steel material, impeccable performance, sturdy design, good strength, durability, very suitable for professional kitchens or home cooks.

The weight of the knife and the balance between the blade and the handle are very balanced. The handle provides excellent comfort and non-slip grip, minimizing fatigue.

The multi-function knife can be used for cutting vegetables, dicing, peeling, cutting, and cutting vegetables. This makes the knives have the best performance from professional chefs to household kitchen users.

The forging hammer knife face is corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant. Therefore, kitchen knives will maintain their beautiful appearance and food safety in the coming years.

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