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Product Description

Long lasting candles: 7 day candles in glass. Long burning candles. Up to 96 hours burn time. Fully unscented candles in glass. Classic unscented candles long burning

Finest quality: Made with the finest wax blend and 100% cotton wicks, ensuring clean, slow and long burning candles

Spiritual candles: 7 day candles perfect for: meditation altar, manifestation candle, velas para iglesia, energy cleansing candles, veladoras de brujeria, velas en vaso, intention candles, vigil candles, cemetery candles, yartzeit candles

Emergancy ready: Great for power outages, blizzards & hurricanes. Emergency candles: long burning, power outage candles, emergency candles for home, emergency candles for home power failure, candles emergency, unscented emergency candles

How to use: Keep away from pets & children | Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" | Keep away from all drafts | Use only approved containers | Keep away from all things flammable | Keep all candles 6 inches apart | Do not leave unattended | Keep on flat level surface | Extinguish with approved candle extinguisher | Don not fill confined space with candles (ie. Fireplace)

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