Banana Hanger - Stainless Steel Banana Holder with Sturdy Stand & Hook. Make it Your Own Fruit or Banana Tree Hanger, Headphone Stand, Fruit Stand or Just A Banana Holder. Keep All Your Bananas Fresh

Product Description

🍌 Our beautiful, stainless steel banana hanger is strong and durable enough to hold a whole bunch of bananas. Display your bananas on your kitchen countertop or table to encourage your friends and family to help themselves to a healthy snack.

⏰ Our ROSE PARK banana hanger is 13” tall, keeping even the largest bananas above your fruit bowl and kitchen countertop to prevent bruising. This banana hook will add days to your fruit's usable life.

✨ Sleek, simple and modern, our banana tree is the perfect addition to your kitchen accessories. With a smart round base design, our hanger is able to fit most fruit baskets and fruit bowls, and won’t tip over like most other stands.

🎧 Use it as a fruit holder or as a smart storage solution to hang utensils. Some of our customers have even begun using it as a fast mask holder, jewlery stand and headphone hook. Get creative! Send us your ROSE PARK Banana tree hacks @RoseParkKitchenware

🧽 Made from quality, durable steel, the rust resistant materials have been tested rigorously to withstand hundreds of washes in the dishwasher.

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