Simply Soson 10 Inch x 3/4' White Taper Candles | White Candlesticks | White Candle Sticks Long | Tall Tapered Candles Pack | Dripless Candles for Home | Tall White Candles | 30 Pack of Candles

Product Description

Clean burning: Handmade, tall candles, dripless taper candles, and smokeless long candles. candelabros blancos, velas para candelabros, veladores de mesa and stick candles great for all your home decor needs.

Long lasting: Clean, long burning candles. Our tall candlesticks are great for everyday use and enhance special occasions. Slow burning candles tapers, velas para iglesia, vela para boda. Clean, long candles for candlesticks.

Unscented: 100% unscented candles long burning. Ideal for your decorative candle needs. Skinny taper candles: ideal for weddings, religious events, candelobros de mesa elegantes, restaurants, home decor and dinner candles.

Size & pack: Candle sticks bulk pack of 30, handmade dinner table candles. Candlestick tapers are 3/4 inch at the base and are a 10-inch-tall candle. Tall White candlesticks and hand dipped taper candles will meet all your needs.

How to use: Keep away from pets & children | Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" | Keep away from all drafts | Use only approved containers | Keep away from all things flammable | Keep all candles 6 inches apart | Do not leave unattended | Keep on flat level surface | Extinguish with approved candle extinguisher | Don not fill confined space with candles (i.e., Fireplace).

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