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Product features

  • The material
  • Bangjja (Yugi) keeps the warmth of the food warmer and keeps the food fresh.
  • The quality and elegance of the creator is buried, and it is a luxury product that can be handed down to generations.
  • The clean, simple, matte-treated color make it elegant!
  • It is good to use it with a refreshment when guest visit and perfect as a gift (The case can be changed)
  • Organic discoloration is a natural phenomenon and it is possible to relieve the deterioration of gloss and color by using scrubbing with rubbing cloth and general detergent to remove oxide film from all metal products. When you use it for the first time, it is common that marks occur.The gloss disappears and the original color occurs. The water marks gradually disappear like the phenomenon that occurs when the water dries like glass. When storing, remove moisture and keep it tightly closed.

Product Description

The term brass is used to refer to an alloy of copper and zinc. The term bronze is used to refer to an alloy of copper and tin, usually 90% copper and 10% tin for commercial bronze. Korean Bangjja (Yugi) is created using exactly 78% copper and 22% tin. Brass or bronze are not accurate for describing the uncommon composition of this metal.
Combining more than 10% of tin with copper is not thought possible in modern metallurgy, and Bangjja has even been designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of South Korea by the Korean government since 1983, bell metal, the sonorous metal used to make church bells, cymbals, cannons, percussion instruments, as well as utensils, uses the same high-tin to copper ratio and has for several thousand years.To make Bangjja needs a lot of skill and work. This set is gorgeous and every bit as luminous and imperial.

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